Specialist Education Case Study

Image of ambitious about autism case study

Background to the Specialist Education Case Study

The site in North London houses a specialist school, a centre for for Autism Education and a national autism education charity. The trust itself is involved with education for children on the autistic spectrum; support for families with autistic children; a research arm; training for teachers in educating autistic children; as well as briefing decision influencers, including Government Ministers; advising organisers of other similar projects both in the UK and overseas; and raising awareness of autism in the general public.  The school currently serves 80 children with learning disabilities on the autistic spectrum, between the ages of 4 and 16, with provision for up to 19 years of age. Around 150 teaching and support staff also work in the school, with a further 50 trust team members whose offices are also housed here.

Delivering an award-winning performance 

image of ambitious about autism case study
Freidman’s award-winning contract with our client is based at a specialist education centre, an innovative charitable trust serving autistic children and their families, based in a newly constructed sustainable building in North London. A small on-site team from Freidman works closely with the client organisation to maintain a highly innovative and sustainable purpose-built facility, opened in 2008 by Arsenal FC manager, Arsene Wenger.

Extensive Service Scope

  • General, daily office and specialist cleaning
  • Cleaning of toilets and general amenity areas
  • housekeeping & caretaking
  • nappy service, waste management/recycling
  • security, including sub-contracted patrols
  • catering
  • planned and reactive maintenance
  • procurement (70 to 80% of total procurement)
  • reception, telecoms and tannoy systems
  • fire systems and drills
  • drainage maintenance
  • grounds maintenance
  • car park management, maintenance and cleaning
  • disaster recovery and business continuity
  • health & safety, including annual audit, CoSHH reports, incident/accident & RIDDOR reporting
  • water treatment inc. rainwater harvesting
  • playground and equipment maintenance/inspections

Redefining service levels to achieve clinical levels of cleanliness

image of ambitious about autism case studyTypical daily challenges for our contract team includes:

  • Our client demands no less than clinical levels of cleanliness
  • Staff retention in challenging environments where residents can show unintentional aggressive behaviour
  • Enhanced DBS checks/accompaniment for all cleaners on site due to the vulnerability of residents.
  • Cleaning up after incontinent residents and preventing contamination /contagion because of some of the residents’ personal hygiene issues
  • Special consideration & vigilance to ensure equipment and cleaning products are kept away from residents who are inquisitive by nature. This includes careful product selection to avoid upsetting sensitive residents (allergies and susceptibility to smells triggering behavioural problems).

We immediately set about introducing a new cleaning regime which took these factors into account, and introduced new standards and KPIs which would achieve the exacting, almost clinical, service level required by the client.

Compassion within a challenging working environment

We undertook a very careful recruitment programme as we were looking for individuals who would be able to work in such a challenging environment and whose personality was caring, and conducive to working alongside residents with challenging behavioural issues.   The client has been delighted with the new regime as the standards of cleaning have improved dramatically.  Because the on-site Freidman team has been so understanding of the special needs of the pupils at the school, the cleaning team have very much become an integrated part of their organization.