Commercial Office Case Study

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Background to the Commercial Office Case Study

Our client is the UK’s leading digital marketing agency, providing creative services for more than 50 brands in 30 international markets. Their London offices are the base for a vibrant, busy and growing business which requires consistently excellent service to ensure that their critical services do not disrupt their creative flow.

Streamlining building services within a busy commercial environment

Freidman FM delivers specialist mechanical and electrical building services, ensuring that the offices run smoothly and potential problems are resolved promptly. Their complete service includes maintenance for all electrics, heating and air-conditioning, as well as water hygiene services.  Freidman FM carries out a detailed, regular planned maintenance schedule, as well as providing a responsive 24-hour on-call service to deal with issues that might arise, before they can affect the smooth running of the business.

In response to the busy and ever-evolving nature of our client’s industry Freidman FM ensures that the services provided are unobtrusive, responsive, efficient and proactive.